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A basic tutorial of high pass editing in photoshop.

September 18, 2020 - Lucky

Before and after result of high pass photo editing in photoshop

Hi, today we will be going to see a basic tutorial of high pass editing in Photoshop the high pass editing is generally used for skin smoothing, remove wrinkles.

Here is a before and after example of high pass editing in Photoshop, as we can see after high pass editing the model face look much more clear. Just follow the steps written below and you will be able to do the same.

ctrl+j to make a copy of image

1. Open the image in photoshop then press “ctrl+j” to make a copy of it.

2. Change the layer name to “High Pass”.

crtl + i to make a negative image

3. Press “ctrl+i” to invert the image or make a negative of it.

vivid light mode

4. Change image mode to “Vivid Light”.

High Pass Filter

5. Go to Filter → Others → High pass.

High Pass Radius

6. Choose the radius between 18 to 24 for this image 20 is good.

gaussian blur

7. Go to Filter → Blur → Gaussian Blur.

gaussian blur radius

8. Choose the radius between 4 to 8 for this image 4 is good.

Layer Mask

9. Press ALT than click on the Layer Mask icon you will get a black invert layer mask.

brush tool

10. Select the brush tool.

Default Color

11. Select default in the color section.

12. Make white color is foreground color.

Brush mode

13. Select brush mode to normal.

brush-opacity and flow

14. Select brush opacity and flow to 100%.

Select the mask

15. Select the mask.

Brush the image

16. Brush the area where you want to smooth skin.

The End Result

The end result of high pass photo editing

If you have followed these steps you can see you are getting very smooth skin on the current picture, now reduce brush opacity to 40% to 50% when you are painting over edges and some areas like nose eyelashes, etc so they don’t get very blurry.


  • Always check brush mode before painting, it has to be normal.
  • You can change high pass and gaussian blur radius according to image quality if you very high-quality image you can increase the radius and on a low-quality image you can reduce the radius.


Image from unsplash, click here to download it.